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Not only do we bring you the latest up to date information about Sestriere but we have worked hard to bring you excellent discounts on your ski and snowboard rentals. From our experience of working in Sestriere we have carefully chosen which suppliers to work with for equipment, location and service. We provide a service to those that like to do things independently but also like the knowledge that should they require assistance at any stage they can contact us.

Where is the shop located?

The shop is called Maison Clataud Sport and is centrally located on the main road going through Sestriere overlooking the slopes. The Hotel du Col is 2 doors down from the shop with the Vialattea ski school next door. 

What is the difference between Gold, Silver and Bronze?

Gold skis or snowboards are for people who can get around the mountain and ski pretty much anything. They'll like to go fast and expect a top performing ski/board. Silver skis are for intermediates that are probably on their third winter holiday, comfortable on reds. Silver snowboards are capable of being used by intermediates or beginners. Bronze skis are for beginners.

I have a large shoe size, will the hire shop have boots to fit me?

Don’t worry, most good hire shops are able to accommodate skiers and snowboarders of all shapes and sizes! The hire shop that sestriere-online works with is well equipped to deal with larger boot sizes and we have never had to turn anyone away yet.

Will I be able to join the same ski school group as my children?

The ski school separates adults and children (11 and under) into different groups for some very good reasons, for example adults and children learn at a different pace hence it would affect the progression of the group if they were mixed, also children tend to enjoy themselves more when learning with other children and the same goes for adults. You will always be placed in a group that is suitable to your ability and that you are comfortable with.

I can’t decide whether to ski or snowboard, can I change from one to the other during the week?

Understandably most hire shops do not encourage you to swap from one to the other during the week however depending on how the busy the shop is during any given week, they may allow you to do so, however, you may incur a charge and would probably not be allowed to change back again.

If you are having group lessons, once you have started you won’t be allowed to change over.

How do I choose the date for my first day of rental?

Your first day of rental will usually be the day after you arrive, as you can pick your equipment up for free the afternoon before your rental is due to start. For example, if you are flying on Sunday and staying for a week you would want your rental to start on the Monday for six days. You can take your voucher to the hire shop on Sunday afternoon to collect your equipment.

Do I need a photograph for my lift pass?

No, you do not need a photograph for your lift pass.

Are helmets compulsory?

Everyone under the age of 18 is required by law to wear a helmet. 

Do I need to hire poles?

Poles are included when you book skis.

You haven't asked for my height or weight; do you need them before I come?

We do not ask you for this information as the shop we work with has a large and diverse stock of equipment sufficient to cater for all of our clients. If you feel you may need something particular please feel free to contact us.

Will the rental shop be open on Sunday?

Yes, the shop we work with is open on Sundays.

I have lost my vouchers; what can I do?

You can view and download vouchers from the customer area. All your booking history will be stored in this area. If you have any difficulties then please contact us.

How can I amend a booking?

If you want to add anything to your booking please start from the beginning and make a new order. If you want to amend something please send us a message using the contact form.

How can I cancel a booking?

Please refer to our agency booking conditions if you want to make a cancellation.

Is it possible to hire ski/snowboard clothing in resort?

Unfortunately it is not possible to hire ski or snowboard clothing in resort, however, there are plenty of shops where you can purchase anything you forgot to bring with you.

What documentation do I need to bring with me to the rental shop?

You need to take your rental voucher and that's it.

Is the booking service secure?

Our booking site is completely secure. Sensitive information is processed on a secure server, indicated by the padlock symbol on the checkout pages. Our databases are held on a secure server, and your credit/debit card details are processed directly on the Stripe Secure payments website. Stripe are the payment service providers preferred by Apple to underwrite their Apple pay.

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"We've been coming to Sestriere for years now and only recently came across James and Sestriere Online. We now regard him as our go to person for ski hire in Sestriere. Nothing is ever too much hassle for him. Great bloke!"

D McCall

"Great service from the guys in the ski rental shop. We were a large group and they had everything waiting for us"

R. Person

"The whole process from start to finish was painless. Everything was clearly explained on the website and when we got to resort the equipment was very good indeed. Highly recommend booking your skis hire through James"

R Snook